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Knitted Patriotic hat

Knitted patriotic hat


Today was the first time i have knitted a design with two colors. I learned how to float the yarn in the back. I prefer to float every 2-3 stitches, it makes for a neater back.

This was lots of fun to do. I am still deciding whether i want to do something like this on a  pair of socks. I’m just concerned all those floats will be a problem getting caught on toes.



Knitting and trucking

New socks today

Began finishing these last night sitting at the truck stop. I wasn’t really in the mood much to watch TV. Have a couple of other projects i want to start and I wanted to get these done first.

I got everything done last night except the stitching of the toe together. While we sat at our pickup waiting to get loaded, I finished up stitching the toe together and sewing up lose threads.

And now I  get to wear my new socks today.



I loving knitting. I have so many things I want to learn how to knit.

Right now I love socks. I want to have a lot of handmade socks. One can never own too many socks! I have 3 pairs complete now. Only dozens more to go!