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About me


My name is Michelle. I recently got married and have spent the last year of my life out on the road with my husband. We drive a big truck and travel all over the country. Well actually he drives and I sit and knit.

our fun wedding day

our wedding with a bit of us and our humor

I am a maker and have made many things over the years. I have also had a few very successful home based businesses. My life has changed from having all the comforts of home to living on the road. I love being out here but it has changed the maker part of me in the things I am able to do out here on the road.

So I have taken up knitting! I can do it while traveling and its relaxing and makes the day pass quickly.

I must admit I am a sock addict! I believe one can never own too many socks, especially hand made ones. I have a list! And its a long one!

Please stop by and  chat, leave a comment and hopefully we can become new knitting friends. There is a lot of road out here and I am always happy to meet new creative people.