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Grafting also known as the kitchener stitch

Grafting also know as the Kitchener stitch

hand knit sock

The kitchener stitch is a great knitting technique for joining two pieces of knitting together.

Grafting, also known as Kitchener stitch or weaving, joins two sets of stitches that are still on the needle (a.k.a. “live”) by using a tapestry needle threaded with yarn to create a row that looks like knit stitches between them.

It allows you to graft two pieces of knitting together seamlessly. I use the kitchener stitch to graft together the toes of my socks. I knit my socks from the top down.

The kitchener stitch, or grafting can be a little confusing at first, i had to do it while watching the video. Personally, I like this video by very pink knits.

The little sort of rhyme I got from one of my classes on Craftsy. It goes like this

Set up your grafting/kitchener stitch first by
  • go through the front stitch as if to purl
  • go through the back stitch as if to knit

Start with the front needle, then the little diddy goes like this

  • pick off as if to knit, prepare as if to purl
  • pick off as if to purl, prepare as if to knit

This makes for a very clean join of the back and front of the toes in my socks.

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