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My favorite knitting patterns

The best place to find a knitting pattern for me is Ravelry.

Some of my favorite knitting patterns are listed below.

Here are just a few of the knitting patterns I admire. I have bought the patterns and have them in my library. They are on my you have to knit this list.

This knitting pattern came across my Instagram feed and I fell in love with it. It is called Voodoo you love me. It is an adorable little creature I want to knit for my daughter. Susan Claudino is the designer and you should check out her shop she has many adorable patterns. I may have to buy a few more.

by susan claudino

by susan claudino

Designer Lauren Riker has a few adorable sock knitting patterns I want to knit. Nothing is better than a fun goofy sock.

by Lauren Riker

by Lauren Riker

Here is the link to this pattern page, aren’t they just adorable!

Lauren Riker has another adorable set of socks.


The link to this cute little bunch of socks is here.

And this hat is a must knit. It will be a project with all the detail color work, but how can I not have this on my project list.

Frostings  knitting pattern By Liz Smith link here to her ravelry store.

by Liz Smith

by Liz Smith

Oh and I can’t forget my new fingerless mitts I want to knit. A knitting mitten pattern on Ravelry, I just have to make. But I plan to edit them into fingerless mitts. Link to her page


She has some other cool knitting pattern designs as well. Visit her shop.

Also if you go to the pattern page of any pattern on Ravelry and click on the projects link above you can see all the variations people have chosen to make these patterns in. It is an interesting way to see color ways that appeal to you.

I have many more favorite knitting patterns, I will come back and share more.


Sock Knitting adventures


are just beginning.

blue knitted socks

I love socks! There are so many sock knitters out there and I am just in love with all the sock knitting I come across. The list of socks I want to make and patterns I want to try, is long.

One can never own too many cool socks and to be able to knit your own socks is the best yet!

Consider me a sock knitting addict on a mission. I want a whole bunch of handmade socks.

I am proud to be a sock knitter who just finished up pair number four.

 brown hand knit socks

Who doesn’t want a whole drawer full of hand made socks.


With each pair I get better and better. I can now knit a pair from start to finish without a pattern.  This is nice when you are bouncing down the road in a big truck all day long.

sock knitting brown socks

This is my latest pair made with Stoll coffee shop color yarn. Nice yarn to knit with and it makes soft socks.

I have edited the pattern thanks to help from my daughter. I can now knit a pair of socks that fits me just right.

Now I can’t wait to be able to incorporate some design and texture into my socks.  Possibly even a pair of color work socks one day.

If you are into sock knitting I would love to chat. Always happy to see some else’s sock knitting adventures.


Knitted Flag Hat

Knitted patriotic hat


My first color work project. My hubby is a former Marine and a proud one. He likes patriotic designs and asked for a flag hat to wear this winter.

I enjoyed knitting this and love doing color work. I have always loved fair isle knitting and never had the courage to try it. Now that I live on the road and have found a new love in knitting I am up for trying all kinds of things. So this is just the first in my new journey through color work.