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Fairisle colorwork mitts

I love fairisle. And am working on these Fairisle colorwork mitts

All the colors and the patterning just appeal to my sense of design. I came across this pattern that I just love. It’s called How cold is it, mittens on Ravelry. Find the link here

How cold is it mittens by Drunk Girl Designs on Ravelry

As I mentioned we are over the road in a big truck and spend too many winter days up in northern Illinois where it is exactly that. Cold as Fuck! Last week for example it was -11 degrees with the wind chill it was colder than that.

So I have decided to take this project on and knit my first pair of fairisle colorwork mitts, only I am going to edit the pattern a bit and make fingerless gloves. I am not much of a mitten person.

First I started with corrugated ribbing. It looked nice but it does not have much give to it at all. So I took it all out and started over.

This is attempt no. 2. I decided to do a regular ribbing and wanted more white than I did blue, so I just made a blue cast on and knitted one row for accent.

This has been fun so far, the repeatable pattern in the first part wasn’t too hard. I could even manage to do it while we were driving down the road. But the next part with the lettering takes a bit more paying attention. I will have to be knitting the next section when we are parked.

Visit her shop Drunk Girl Designs on she has a few other cool designs you may like.