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Ponytail hat pattern for knitters and crocheters

These Ponytail knitted hats came to my attention via Facebook. Several friends I have who know I love to knit tagged me in them. I am sure they would like to hope I make a bunch of them and send them out. LOL

So I decided to look into them a bit because several people were looking for links to patterns and I found quite a few. They are adorable and great for those of us with lots of hair that we wear up in ponytails.

I am going to give you all some links to a few patterns, some free and some for a low cost.

Lets start with the one I like best.

This is the Tea cozy Ponytail hat pattern by Woolly Wormhead on Ravelry. It has a simple look and I like the colors and the little curly part up by the ponytail.

Maybe I will knit this one up. Link to the pattern is here and it is free.

Tea cozy ponytail hat pattern by Woolly Wormed on ravelry

Next  is the Opal Ponytail Beanie Hat Pattern by Bead and Opal Wool Queen. It is also free and I think its cute. The colors in this one are quite appealing to me. The lacy top around the point tail is adorable.

You can find the pattern here and it’s free.


Opal ponytail beanie hat pattern by Bead and Wool queen

This ponytail hat pattern is called the Urban Homesteader hat by Christy Varner. It can be found here on Ravelry. It is also free. Great design, the back kind of remind me of the back of a baseball cap. Depending on where you wear your ponytail this is a great hat if you wear it low.

Urban Homesteader Hat
by Christy Varner


Another adorable Ponytail Hat pattern, called Hannah, by Blake Ehrlich on Ravelry. It is also free. Knit out of a more chunky wool it has a great design and also looks like a fun knitting project. You can find the pattern here.

Ponytail hat pattern by Blake Ehrlich called hannah found on Ravelry

Here is a Ponytail hat pattern for those of you who would rather crochet than knit. It looks adorable and simple. The pattern is on Ravelry and its by Amy Musick. You can find the pattern here. This one is not free but worth the small price if you want to crochet a cute ponytail hat for yourself or someone.

Ponytail hat pattern by amy musick

Now this one is a bit different with a brim, much like a baseball cap. It is a Ponytail hat pattern by Bead and Wool Queen on Ravelry. It is available for free on ravelry and quite a cute looking hat.

ponytail hat pattern with brim by bead and wool queen on ravelry

There are also quite a few ponytail hat patterns on Etsy, some similar to the ones above and some a bit different.

This one I quite like a bit.

This ponytail hat pattern is on etsy and is by CozyCappuccino the pattern page can be found here. This page is for the pair and they are one great pair of hats. I love color work and so this one appeals to me a lot. I don’t know if I will ever get around to making one, but if I did this would be the one.

You can always go to Etsy and type in ponytail hat pattern to see all the different style patterns available.

I figured  I would round some up and this seems to be a popular hat and a useful style too. Ponytails often don’t work in regular hats, and this would be a great alternative. There are many cute designs to choose from so lets start knitting up some cute hats and share them in the comments, I would love to see what you create.