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Stretchy bind off knitting technique you need to see

A great stretchy bind off knitting technique you may want to try for yourself.

If you have knit anything in which you want a nice stretchy bind off then you need to see this video.

My fingerless mitts I have made for myself pictured below. One of my issues with regular bind off techniques is that they just aren’t stretchy enough. I used a regular technique on this items and was not happy with the final result.


Not totally satisfied with the limited stretchy result prompted me to go in search of a bind off that I liked and that would not limit the amount of stretch you get in the end. This stretchy bind off technique by VeryPinkKnits on youtube looks great and will probably wind up in my next project.

stretchy bind off by VeryPinkKnits on youtube

I came across this video on youtube by VeryPinkKnits and I like it a lot. It is a simple and easy stretchy bind off that will not limit the amount of stretch to an item.

At the tops of fingerless gloves this will be the perfect technique to finish with.

Check out the video here.

I will be using this in my next pair of fingerless mitts.

I also found on her youtube channel a matching cast on with lots of stretch. It would make a great match to the stretchy bind off. It is called German Twisted cast on and will also probably be on the next pair of socks i knit.

German Twist cast on by VeryPinkKnits on youtube

Check out that video here.

Similar to a regular long tail cast on only with a bit more stretch. I may have to watch it a few times and try it as I go along to remember how to do this one, but it’s well worth the effort.

She has a lot of great tutorials on everything from techniques to projects and tutorials. Check them out here

There will be more posts on the subject of casting on and binding off in the near future. I want to learn more of them so I can incorporate them into my knitting projects. If you have a favorite one you would like to share please comment or send me an email and I will post about it here.